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Why make the move to Philadelphia?


Thinking about relocating? Looking for an urban jungle with a small town feel? Well Philadelphia is the place for you. It is a very manageable city where anything you could need or want is within a half hour of your home. Center City is very walkable. There are distinct neighborhoods, and each has its own special offerings. Great restaurants are scattered throughout the city, and there are many terrific ethnic restaurants. People are friendly, although not intrusive.
Philadelphia also has world-class educational institutions.
If you decide to move in the suburbs there are many reasons to make a short trip into the city – museums, shopping, recreation, the Zoo, great sports teams, restaurants, etc, etc, etc.

Philly is a city for everyone – rich or not so affluent, educated or not, single or attached. I would recommend it to anyone who likes urban areas, but with a small-town feel.

If interested in making the move to the city of brotherly love, contact Realtor Jack Barry at


Top Trainers in Philadelphia


Today I’m writing to you guys to tell you about some of the best personal trainers in our area. Some people go to a trainer to lose weight, some go to a trainer to bulk up, and some go not even to workout but just for diet advice.
Out of all the gyms in the city, the 12th street gym boasts the most trainers with a whopping 35+ trainers!

So lets go through a few of the trainers and we will talk about their specialties.

1. Josh Tolin: Josh is an amazing and experienced trainer. He specializes in bodybuilding competition prep. His clients always look lean and muscular and his diet plan is amazing. It is very strict, but the results are worth it!

2. Charlie Biggs: Charlie is basically known by everyone in the neighborhood due to his great personality. He is also an amazing trainer who specializes in leaning out, bulking up, and TRX suspension bands.

3. Rob Deledda: Rob is one of the friendliest guys I’ve ever met. He is also very experienced. He knows the best methods to get you in the best shape of your life. Many people go to him also to avoid the drama/gossiping that some of the trainers do. Rob is very laid back and he will get you the results you want.

4. Alex Suleiken: Alex looks like hes straight out of the Men’s Fitness magazine. Not only is he very buff but hes also very knowledgeable. He’s basically an icon at the gym and his clients look great so he’s obviously doing a great job.

5. Kristin Noblette: Kristin is the mini powerhouse. She is hands down the leanest girl i’ve ever seen. She is a Women’s Physique competitor and bodybuilder. She also gives amazing diet plans. Check out Kristin if you’re very serious about losing those unwanted pounds.

Best coffee shops in the gayborhood


Today were making a list of the top coffee shops in the gayborhood. This list will start off with my personal favorite, Cafe Twelve.

1. Cafe Twelve: This little coffee shop is located right on 12th street next to the 12th street gym. It is a great place to go get warmed up before your workout next door, or to just relax and grab a coffee with a friend. Also all the cute guys from the gym always come over, so if you’re looking to talk to one of the gym guys but you aren’t a gym goer yourself, cafe twelve is the place to be.

2. Starbucks: Starbucks is located on the corner of 12th and Walnut. When you come to Starbucks, you will always get the best service and exceptional drinks. I sometimes prefer going here over one of the small cafes because they are always ridiculously quick and they are notorious for their special holiday drinks (ex. pumpkin spice latte)

3. Cafe Mocha: Cafe Mocha is located on 10th and Irving and is my favorite place to go to for tea. They have a great variety and their coconut flavor is to die for. Not only do they have great tea, but also great coffee and lunch options.

4. Cosi: Cosi is located on the corner of 12th and Walnut and is a great place to come to for a quick coffee. Enjoy a fresh selection of different coffees and beverages and don’t forget to order an amazing healthy lunch while you’re there!

5. Tuscany Cafe: Tuscany Cafe is located on Broad and Locust. Come here to enjoy an amazing selection of beverages and to meet up with friends in this great location. Tuscany cafe also has a great quick lunch menu, so it’s a great run on your short lunch break!

Best ways to meet a guy in Philadelphia

Moving to Philadelphia is an amazing idea. The shopping, the scenery, the restaurants, the history, and much much more. But some people hold back on making their move because they are afraid they wont find the right guy in Philly.

Yes, Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love, but even through personal experience, this city can be tough to find a great guy. So I’m going to tell you the best ways to scope out that perfect man throughout the sea of creepy urchins.

My personal favorite way to meet someone is at the gym. Most gay men are obsessed with their bodies, even regardless of bodytype. The gym is where you can go to have the chance to talk to the gorgeous hunk on the pullup bar, or the flexible dancer stretching on the mats. The key to this is to make sure you don’t feel nervous. I’m a bodybuilder and I usually am attracted to the same body type…So my usual pick up line is “Hey bud, you look great, do you do bodybuilding competitions?” Picking a line that you can keep talking over is key. For example, if he says no, I continue talking about competing and how he should give it a shot. And if he says yes, we talk about previous shows we’ve done. All in all, its been a great method and just make sure that your pickup line isn’t cheesy and is something you can continue the conversation about.

Another great place to meet guys is through friends. This is a better way of rummaging through the crowd in order to find a great match. You can even have your friends hook you up with a blind date. Blind dates are always fun and always become a learning experience.

A very good piece of advice would be to stay off of grindr. You are most likely never going to find a great guy who you might want to settle down with off of grindr. It is good if your looking for something short term/one night, but to find a good guy, it is best to meet in person.

So say you’re at a club and you see this really hot guy but you just don’t know how to approach him? Remember what i said previously…think of something you can talk about and a compliment. So remember my pickup line? “Hey bud, you look great! Do you compete?” Well think of your own and use it as much as you want. Just always stay calm, collective, and confident. The right man is somewhere out there, you just have to be the one who he falls for.

Reasons to make the move to the gayborhood


The Philadelphia Gay Relocation blog was established to give the LGBT community a perfect go-to source for their real estate and living needs when looking to relocate to the gayborhood of Philadelphia. We strive to offer the best informative services in regards to real estate (buying, selling, renting), community events, leisurely activities, dining, and nightlife in the Philadelphia Gayborhood and surrounding areas.
Our main goal is to bring awareness to the beautiful lifestyle one will have while living in the Philadelphia gayborhood. We will keep this page updated with new listings, community events, business promotions/offers, and many other aspects of life/events throughout the area.
Not only is the gayborhood in the heart of Center City, but it is practically in walking distance to anywhere one may need to go throughout Philadelphia. This area is filled with a majority of Philadelphia’s LGBT crowd. Despite this fact, the gayborhood has been a go-to for almost everyone regardless of orientation due to its prominent beauty, cleanliness, and strong sense of community that the area possesses. It is also in a very safe part of the city with exceptional lighting and one of the lowest crime rates in the city. Come check out the Philadelphia Gayborhood and see why it is one of the most charming neighborhoods in the city.

Owning pets in the gayborhood


Looking to move out of the suburbs and into the city but worried that having a pet in the city is just not feasible? Well look no further than moving into the Philadelphia Gayborhood. This area is a heaven for dogs. With such a close proximity to both Rittenhouse and Washington squares, your dog will feel like it never left the suburbs! Especially with the grass, flowers, trees, and not to mention the plethora of other dogs.

Gayborhood Map


Want to know some of the many reasons why you should move to the Philadelphia gayborhood? Our friends at Philly Magazine and The Philadelphia Gay Tourism Caucus put together this map to show you just how amazing the area really is! Check it out:

Check out the 12th street gym!


Want to get started on that health kick but you just don’t have the motivation? Check out the 12th Street gym, right in the heart of the gayborhood. This gym has over 35 of the top personal trainers in Philadelphia that will help you kickstart your goals for the upcoming year. 12th street gym offers 60,000 square feet of gym space, pool, spa, roof deck, and even its own tanning salon. To get more information stop by the gym located at 204 S. 12th St or visit their website at

Recycle your old electronics for free!


Looking to recycle your old or unused electronics that are just taking up space and collecting dust throughout your house? Well come down to Whole Foods on South Street on February 23rd to responsibly and locally recycle your unused electronics. Anything with a plug will be accepted for free but just don’t bring oversized appliances such as washers and dryers. This service is great for those who are moving and looking to get rid of old electronics that they just don’t need anymore. It is also a great service for members of the Washington West Civic Association who want to recycle these hard to recycle items easily and most importantly, for free! Stop by on February 23rd with your electronics and finally say goodbye to these dust collecting eye sores!

The Jack Barry Group makes it on the list of top 25 LGBT businesses in Philadelphia

LGBT Biz 2013

The Jack Barry Group was recently named in The Philadelphia Business Journal’s top 25 LGBT Business List.  Researcher Sharon Oliver did a magnificent job in identifying and surveying many companies in the area. The Independence Business Alliance, the region’s gay chamber of commerce, helped us greatly by getting the word out about our survey.  The Jack Barry Group, located at Keller Williams Real Estate, 1619 Walnut Street, in Rittenhouse Square, delivers service.  “Service id the only product we offer” Jack Barry stated.  “Our practice represents buyers, sellers, seasoned and first time investors. We have a percentage of medical clients due to our affiliation with a medical mortgage provider. Our gay Relocation efforts are attracting many of the transplants to Philadelphia.”  Jack is a Trustee for the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and sits on a few local boards, including Wash West Civic, which is in the heart of the Gayborhood.  Jack is a former  Liaision to the Police Commissioner’s LGBTQI Committee and spoke to the Police Training Academy cadets in that role. Jack can be found around most of the coffee shops located in the Wash West Civic.  Contact The Jack Barry Group for all of your real estate needs.