Monthly Archives: February 2013

24 Hours in Philadelphia


Planning a day trip to Philadelphia? Well you chose a great city filled with history, architecture, museums, shopping, and amazing restaurants.
Start your morning with a stop to the famous Sabrina’s Cafe in South Philly. After breakfast you can take a walk around the Italian Market and South Street. You then can head into center city and see the avenue of the arts, city hall, rittenhouse square, love park, and the other famous landmarks around the heart of the city of brotherly love. Next you can head to the east towards independence hall and also see the liberty bell, constitution center, and Betsey Ross House. If you still want to see more history you can grab a cab and head over to the Art Museum. This museum is absolutely magnificent and definitely a must see. After the Museum you’ll probably be hungry for dinner. Head back down to center city and grab something to eat at the many restaurants in the area. Hope you enjoy your day trip to Philly and come back soon!!!


Dress to impress….on a budget!


Are you someone who likes to follow the latest trends and always look anywhere from sporty chic to dapper? Well you don’t need to break the bank to look great. The website is the perfect site for designer loving people on a budget. Everything on the site is 60-80% off retail!!!! Also if you’re looking to go to a store and shop, check out the consignment shops!! They are a great place to snag a bargain. For example, my sister bought a pair of the in and trendy hunter boots for only TEN dollars!!!! They retail at over 200 dollars! These stores are great, you have to look through everything but those great steals are always hidden underneath everything. Have a great day and happy shopping! 🙂

Get involved with LGBT sports teams in Philadelphia


Did you know that Philadelphia has a plethora of LGBT sports teams? The most widely known being the City of Brotherly Love Softball Team. Besides that, Philadelphia also has an LGBT soccer team, tennis league, basketball, and even football. These teams are a great way for members of the gayborhood to interact with people they don’t know around the community. These teams are a great way to find friends and there have even been a few romances. There are openings for any position,  come play, you never know where you will end up…..Check out