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Socializing in the Philadlephia Gayborhood

Looking to move to a beautiful area where there is constantly a social buzz? Look no further than the gayborhood area of Philadelphia. This area boasts a variety of restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, gyms, and much more to ensure that there will never be a dull moment after you make your move.

In this blog I am going to feature a business from the 4 categories that I mentioned above.

Restaurants: Raw sushi bar

Raw is a sushi bar that is located at 1225 Sansom Street. This restaurant feautues an impressive menu, outdoor patio, and eccentric scenery which makes it an experience unlike any other

Clubs: Woodys

Woodys is a club/bar located at 11th and Walnut. This is one of the original gay bars in Philadelphia and definitely the most widely known. Come here to meet new people and have a generally great night out with your friends!

Gyms: 12th Street Gym

The 12th street gym is located on 12th street between Walnut and Locust and is the perfect spot to get an amazing workout in. Between their extensive weight room and multiple levels of cardio equipment, you can be assured that you will get in a heart pumping workout.

Coffee Shop: Cafe Twelve

Cafe twelve is located right next to the 12th Street Gym. Come here to socialize with neighbors, grab a quick coffee, or even to talk to the guys who are coming in after the gym.

The gayborhood is truly a great place to move. Between the beautiful location and the abundance of social life, you can be rest assured that this would be a move you wouldn’t regret. If interested in making the move, contact


Tired of doing laundry? Wash cycle laundry can help

Wash Cycle Laundry is a company that sends an eco-friendly launderer to pick up your dirty clothes (via bike), washes them with all-natural hypoallergenic detergents, folds them, and bikes them back to you the next day. Starting at $18 for 12 pounds of laundry, it’s also a luxury geared toward our 2012 economy.

Wash Cycle Laundry 1650 Arch St, Ste 1905

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden: Philadelphia’s little hidden gem

Shofuso is a 17th-century-style Japanese house and garden in Fairmount Park. Most Philadelphians have never even heard of it! Come to Shofuso for the monthly traditional chado tea ceremonies, to see the newly restored Sakura Pavilion from the 1876 Centennial Exhibition, and to just walk around the gardens and feed the koi fish. They even have many Japanese inspired kids camps (for example: Komono Making)
Visit their website at:

Male Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

Welcome Spring 2013!
(Well once all of this snow finally clears and the warmth is upon us!)
Today we will be talking about fashion trends from men this season.
Last year navy blue was a huge color for the season, this spring we will be switching to a lighter hue. Aqua blue, but a pale aqua blue. As for shoes, overly dressy shoes are out. Nice, weathered boots are in. Now onto tops. as for tops, tighter and more form fitted t-shirts are now definitely in. As well as tailored suits for the businessmen out there. Next we’re moving onto pants. This season we are copying the Europeans from last season and bringing over colored pants. Literally every color of the rainbow will make your outfit POP!

Hope this helped you get an idea of what to buy for the new season!

Best gyms in the gayborhood!


Today we’re making a list of the top gyms in the gayborhood. Us gays are obsessed with keeping in tip top shape, so instead of trying out every gym to find your perfect match, I’ll be reviewing each of them for you.

1. First we’re going to start off with the obviously “labeled” gay gym in Philly, the 12th street gym. And it is an amazing place to get a heart pumping workout in. This gym is separated into different levels. The bottom is the weight room. There are 8 different rooms down there and an amazing selection of equipment. Going back upstairs, you’ll run into the multiple levels of cardio equipment and group fitness rooms. Overall it is a great gym to go to, not only to get a great workout in, but to also socialize with the local gay gym rats in the area.

2. Optimal Gym is located on Juniper st between Chestnut and Walnut. Come to optimal to avoid seeing all of your gay friends at 12th street. Optimal has an extensive collection of weights, cardio equipment, kettle-bells, and group fitness classes.
3. CrossFit Center City is my new gym. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning exercise workout. I was looking for a change, something more challenging and I needed some accountability. Man did I find it….the coaches are fierce and some of them think they have a sense of humor. The energy is intoxicating and the encouragement and respect are amazing. And the fun….it never hurt so good. See the gang here

Ready to start working towards that summer body?


Hey guys, Today I’m going to be talking about dietary tips.
Did you know that Americans dine out 4-5 times a week…This accounts for 48.6% of monthly food expenses.
The big hype is that eating healthy is expensive. This is far from the truth when you cook your meals at home. I usually prepare my meals every Sunday to last me the entire week. This plan has not only spared me from an extravagant caloric intake but it also saves me money. A lot of money. For example, a lunch at chipotle costs around 10$. Now that’s only just lunch. I prepare my protein packed chicken breasts and brown rice that each perfectly proportioned meals costs me about 90 cents per meal. 90 CENTS?! I know, it’s hard to believe myself. but it is the truth.
The best tip is to prepare all your meals, measure them into tupperware containers, throw them in the fridge, then just take each meal as you go throughout the week. Not only are you now saving time but you are saving tons of money.

Take advantage of Philadelphia’s Mass Transit System!


Looking to move to Philadelphia, but don’t want to have your own vehicle? Don’t worry because Philadelphia has an amazing mass transit system. Philadelphia runs on both SEPTA (Southeastern PA Transit Authority) and PATCO (Port Authority Transit Company) There are trains, busses, subways, and even trolleys! The Regional rail lines are a great way to get in and out of Philadelphia and the suburbs. The subway is a great way to get up and down broad street and east to west on market street. Use the busses to get throughout the city where the subway doesn’t run. Theres also the trolleys that go east and west on Girard Avenue. Between everything, the city has made sure there is a way to get to every possible location throughout the city.

Want to learn more about crossfit?


Crossfit is the new craze in the fitness industry. CrossFit works because it creates a strong community, where people will actually miss you and call you if you don’t show up. It also makes it so you WANT to show up. It is a class, just like yoga or spinning, but for some reason it has a very strong and friendly community aspect. You also look at the whole picture, not just working out, its a lifestyle change with nutrition changes as well. Like any physical exercise it does work. There is a lot of hype surrounding it too but yes it works. The idea is that you work multiple muscle groups in a series of exercises without resting in between sets. It takes dedication but you will definitely see significant results. Crossfit is a good means to stay in shape and healthy, however if u are looking to gain lots of muscle it is not the right type of exercising. That requires heavy weight lifting.

Check out Crossfit center city and see if its right for you!
Address: 1229 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone:(267) 909-8210
Hours: Friday hours 6:00 am–7:30 pm

6 of Philly Mag’s Top 50 Restaurants in Philly are located in the Gayborhood!


Congratulations to these six restaurants that are located in the Philadelphia Gayborhood. These restaurants were selected by Philadelphia Magazine out of thousands throughout the city to make it on the list. Here are the restaurants:

1. Farm and Fosherman

2. Vedge

3. Amis

4. Vetri

5. Brauhaus

6. Jamonera