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Broad Street Run Security

April 15th marked a terrible day around America. The Boston bombings have prompted Philadelphia to take safety measures of their own for the upcoming Broad Street Run.
-There are absolutely no bags or backpacks allowed at the naval yard (where the race concludes)
-Philadelphia Police officers will be around the entire course and at every water station
-Runners must get their gear checked and only keep it in clear plastic bags
-There will be evacuation shelters for runners as well as spectators throughout the course.
Unfortunately these are measures that the city must take in order to prevent something like the Boston Marathon bombings happening in Philadelphia. Good luck to everyone racing!


Philadelphia City Council Passes LGBT Equality Bill


On April 25th, the Philadlephia City Council passed an LGBT equality bill. This bill dealt with health plans and benefits for same sex couples and transgenders. It was introduced by congressman Jim Kenney and passed in a 14-3 vote.The bill also set guidelines for the transgender community. These included gender neutral bathrooms, and transgender specific health care plans.

NBA’s Jason Collins comes out as gay


Jason Collins, who has played for the Boston Celtics and the Washington wizards this season has officially come out as gay. He is the first male in the 4 major American sports to come out of the closet. All of his previous coaches and members of the NBA are very proud of him and are supporting him every step in this journey.

Boy Scouts say maybe to gay youth and absolutely not to gay adults.


The Boy Scouts has taken into consideration allowing openly gay children to serve in their program until age 18. At age 18 they can be kicked out. This is awful that the Boy Scouts would demoralize these poor kids for being true to themselves. The case is currently pending in the third circuit court of appeals

Rob Deledda Personal Training

Rob Deledda is a certified personal trainer at the 12th street gym. His specialties are advanced size and strength training, weight loss, cardio conditioning, circuit training, and core strength conditioning. I personally have trained with him for about a year so far and my results have been fantastic. Whether I’m looking to put on muscle mass during the winter, or lean down for the summer, ┬áRob’s workouts and diet plans have always been highly successful. Not only is Rob a great trainer, but he is also a very friendly person. You will always see him around the gym smiling and he always has something positive to say about people at the gym.

Q&A With Rob:

Q:When did you decide you wanted to become a personal trainer and why?
A:When I was in my early twenties. The positive feedback I received from people who asked me for tips made me feel great. I was helping them toward their goals. I was hooked.

Q: What are your main goals as a personal trainer?
A: To help my clients exceed their goals.

Q: How do you keep current on new workout plans and diet tips?
A: Constantly reading various fitness periodicals. Using myself as a guinea pig for different movements, etc.

Q: Who is your number one motivator in the fitness industry and why?
A: My clients. It is very satisfying to know that I have a hand in someone liking the way they look. How they need to buy new clothes (for a good reason). To have them glowing that their bad cholesterol is down. I can go on and on.

Q: Why do you think it’s better for someone to use a personal trainer rather than to work out without one?
A: I think everyone can benefit from having someone make sure they are using the equipment the right way. Someone to hold them accountable or they just will not go to then gym.

If you would like to book A session with Rob, send him an email at

Nike wants to endorse the first pro athlete to come out of the closet

Nike has told Rick Welts, President of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, that they will sponsor the first pro athlete that comes out of the closet. So who do you guys think will be first?

House to vote on Delaware’s Marriage Equality bill tomorrow

Tomorrow the House will vote on HB75 which is Delaware’s bill to legalize same sex marriage. Lawmakers are feeling confident that this bill will pass, which will make Delaware the tenth state to allow same sex marriage. Go Delaware!

Top Ten Gay Beaches Around The World


Here in Philly the winters are brutal. As the winter winds down, all we can think about is where to go on vacation to get away for a long weekend or even longer! After dealing with the Philly winter, most want to go to a beach and relax by the ocean. Here are the top ten gay beaches around the world (And 2 of them are within driving distance!)

1. Farme, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

2. Fire Island, New York

3. Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

4. North Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

5. Sebastian Beach, Fort Lauderdale

6. Elia Beach, Mykonos

7. Herring Cove, Provincetown

8. Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

9. Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica

10. Clifton 3rd , Cape Town, South Africa

Living in the suburbs vs. the city

Moving to Philadelphia is a great choice to make. A major decision you will face though is whether you want to live directly in the city or in the suburbs. There are pros and cons to each. This post will explore them all to help you make the decision.
Living directly in the city is very convenient if you work in center city. minimizing the commute means sleeping in longer and getting home earlier; you also will not have to worry about crazy traffic on the Schuylkill expressway and I-95. Another pro about living in the city is the sense of community and the people around. Living in the city will help you meet new friends and stay in touch with all of your friends that also live in the city. Although living in the city is great, some people prefer to live in the suburbs.
Living in the suburbs definitely yields a quieter, more relaxed way of life. This way of life is also ideal for raising a family. One of the major cons though is if you work in the city. The commute times, the traffic, and the extra time wasted wont seem too bad at first, but will end up putting added stress on your life in the long run.
This decision might seem like a hard one to make, but after weighing the pros and cons of each, the decision should be much clearer.

Choosing a college in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city full of colleges, In the previous post I talked about college life, In this post I am going to cover the different universities and the pros/cons of each.

Drexel University:
Pros: Nice area, modern buildings, amazing gym, great education
Cons: Price, competition with Upenn

University of Pennsylvania:
Pros: Great campus, multitude of learning services, very high quality education
Cons: Very difficult to gain admission, high price

Pros: Great education, the modernization of campus, Division 1 athletics program, affordable price
Cons: The area

Pros: Great education, beautiful campus, able to escape city life
Cons: The price, being farther away from the city