VOTE! Best of Gay Philadelphia 2013



Did you just get done a fabulous dinner in the Gayborhood? Have a great workout with your trainer? Discover a new spot to quench your weekend thirst or return to an old favorite? Everybody likes raving about their favorites so have no fear — you can share your two cents about the best of the best of our community in PGN’s annual Best of Gay Philadelphia!

PGN leaves it in your hands to determine the standouts in the city — from businesses to organizations to individual leaders. These folks may not always get the credit they deserve so now’s your chance to give them a pat on the back with your votes.

The contest will run through Oct. 28, and you can use PGN’s handy-dandy online survey to share with us which person, place or thing you think should shine in each category. Think local, think LGBT. You don’t have to fill out every category, but too many blank lines make us sad. And feel free to include witty comments with your choices; some may get printed and others may just give us a chuckle.

When the contest closes, we at PGN will tally up all of your votes and present to you your picks for the Best of Gay Philadelphia in our Nov. 8 edition. Winners will be the guests of honor at a special invite-only party in November.

Remember, Vote at:


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