The Philadelphia Gay Relocation blog was established to give the LGBT community a perfect go-to source for their real estate and living needs when looking to relocate to the gayborhood of Philadelphia. We strive to offer the best informative services in regards to real estate (buying, selling, renting), community events, leisurely activities, dining, and nightlife in the Philadelphia Gayborhood and surrounding areas.
Our main goal is to bring awareness to the beautiful lifestyle one will have while living in the Philadelphia gayborhood. We will keep this page updated with new listings, community events, business promotions/offers, and many other aspects of life/events throughout the area.
Not only is the gayborhood in the heart of Center City, but it is practically in walking distance to anywhere one may need to go throughout Philadelphia. This area is filled with a majority of Philadelphia’s LGBT crowd. Despite this fact, the gayborhood has been a go-to for almost everyone regardless of orientation due to its prominent beauty, cleanliness, and strong sense of community that the area possesses. It is also in a very safe part of the city with exceptional lighting and one of the lowest crime rates in the city. Come check out the Philadelphia Gayborhood and see why it is one of the most charming neighborhoods in the city.


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